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This article will tell you how to find hundreds of rent to own homes San Antonio. Almost any home you fall in love with– provided it’s in a good school district– can become a rent to own. This is true even if you don’t have a down payment or good credit. Read more to learn how!

 4 Bedroom Homes Available Starting at $695/Month

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How Does Rent To Own Homes San Antonio Work? works with a number of large investors to buy homes and then do a rent to own system to make money. offers a free consultation to make sure you are eligible, then they will set you up with a real estate agent to help you pick a home in San Antonio, TX — and practically any home at that.

What Happens After I Pick A Home?

Once you decide on a home, a rental agreement is made for 1-3 years. Any time in that 1-3 years you can decide to buy the home, and for certain agreements, the rent you pay can go towards your mortgage. Be sure to make this a part of your lease agreement if it’s something you want!

I Have Bad/No Credit. Am I eligible?

You are definitely eligible for rent to own homes San Antonio. One of the best parts of renting with us is that you can build better credit while renting so that when it’s time to buy your mortgage will be that much better.

How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?

The price depends on a lot of factors, including the home, the surrounding area, and the lease agreement length. However, we will do our best to help you find one completely within your price range. Call (713) 268-0895 or go on our contact us page to meet with us and make sure we’re a good fit for you.

How Do I Know This Is Legitimate?

We have helped thousands of individuals come to own a home in a way that makes sense to them. Some of the people you know have probably done this, but if not we have many customer reviews on our site. There are no fees either on talking to us or monthly, the only bills you pay are the ones to own your home.


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How Do I Know If Rent To Own San Antonio Is A Good Fit For Me?

If you have trouble making a down payment, trouble getting a mortgage, or have bad/no credit, this could be a good fit for you. Call us for your 100% risk-free consultation, and we will help you make the decision. Most likely, it’s a great fit for you, but if for some reason it isn’t we will let you know.

Is This Rent To Own By Owner?

No, this is directly through us and investors. This is a positive thing because it means you can pick any home on the market, and not just those currently for sale by owner.

How Does This Work?

First, call us for your free consultation. We will tell you whether or not you are eligible, but practically everyone is. Then there will be a few simple documents to get you set up before we get you set up with a real estate agent. Once we do, they will show you all the home options in your price range. Then, once you make a decision we will help you learn how to finance it and tell you when you can move in (generally in 30-90 days).

How Did This Happen?

Before the housing crisis of 2007/2008 rent to own homes were few and far between, and those that did exist were for sale by owner. But when the housing crisis came and many more houses were foreclosed on, something had to change in order to get houses sold. This is when investors began buying homes and making them rent to own for the general population. Now, there are hundreds of rent to own homes San Antonio and otherwise.

Are These Craigslist Homes?

No, these homes are not affiliated with craigslist in any way.

Are There Rent To Own Homes Anywhere Else?

Yes, there are homes throughout Texas. This means if you don’t care where you move or need to move somewhere else we will still have great homes for you. There are suburban and city options, with features like yards, wraparound decks, and anything else you could be looking for.

How Much Are Down Payments?

Many of these homes come without down payments at all? If you can’t afford one, no problem. However, if you have a bit saved up, you’ll have more options, as down payments for rent to own San Antonio is much cheaper than a mortgage.

How Long Does This Take?

There are many factors that go into this. Generally, 30-90 days, with most people being around the 60 days mark, which is much faster than most other programs.

Why Rent To Own Homes San Antonio Is A Good Option

Generally, with regularly renting, the house can be bought out from under you at any time. With rent to own San Antonio only you can buy the home for the terms of your lease. Rent to own homes are rare, and you are at the mercy of the owner. Here the regulations are clear in our contracts and the home will never be sold while you are in it. Through us, you can pick practically any home in San Antonio or other Texas cities. This gives you many more options than rent by owner, which is quite limited. To be clear, there is a bit more work put in when you choose rent to own rather than just renting, however, everyone who has ever rented has probably had someone telling them they are wasting their money. This way, if you get the right lease agreement, the money goes towards owning it, and if not it at least gives you time to stay in your future home while only paying rent. This also means that if you get a home and it’s not everything you dreamed of you can simply let your lease end and not buy it at all. Leases are generally between 1 and 3 years. For the entirety of that time, the house is taken off the market and only available to you. This is much less stringent than a mortgage, but you can be in the home of your dreams now and start saving in comfort rather than a cramped apartment. You may already know what home you want. If so, it’s very likely it is available to you now, possibly with no down payment at all. Also, for most of these homes, you are not responsible for maintenance. This means you can get the problems fixed when you’re renting and not have to worry about them so much when you own. It’s a great trial period, and no one can get your home out from under you. Not only does this help you save up for a mortgage and down payment, but you do not have to pay any property taxes until the home is truly yours– meaning you don’t pay it at all during the 1-3 years lease payment.


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Lease Agreement

There are two main options when it comes to leasing agreements, and these are lease-option and lease-purchase. Option means during or immediately after the lease period you can decide whether or not you want to buy the home you have been renting. You can lease it, and then decide the home isn’t the right choice for you at this time. Lease-purchase means you are agreeing to purchase the home either during your lease period or immediately after. This can set you up well to purchase the home, as you have the option to put some rent towards a down payment, but you must purchase the house, whether that is something you can afford to do or not. There are two ways you can decide how much a home is worth if you are doing lease-purchase. The first option is using the cost of the home at the start of the lease, or you can wait and decide on a price at the end when the lease agreement is over and it is time to buy. There is no one easy way to decide which is a better deal for you, there are so many factors to take into consideration, however, we are there for you every step of the way.

How To Know If You Qualify

There are a few factors involved in whether or not you qualify, but they are fairly easy factors to take care of. Here are the basics. One of the requirements is that you have some sort of income. Some examples of income are work, self-employment, SSI, retirement, or any other money you get to pay your bills. You must be able to afford the rent, and it is worth noting that we will not get information on every bill you have, so it might require some math on your part, but we will help you in whatever way we can. Remember that the point of this is to increase your credit score, which means you must be able to pay all your bills. There is also the possibility you may have to pay an option fee, which gives you the option to buy the house later on. This is only when you choose a home, there are no costs to talk to us or look at homes.

Before You Sign A Contract

Though we completely trust our consulting team, we understand if you feel the need to show the contract to a lawyer well versed in these matters. Contracts can be confusing, and once you sign it, it is hard to change. We are willing to help you of course, but we trust our work well enough to know that you can bring in any lawyer you want and they will not find any problems. The only possibility is that they will find something that is not best for you at this time.

Alicia and Samuel

Here’s a quick sample story. Alicia and Samuel recently got married, and Samuel moved in with Alicia to her apartment. Something immediately became apparent: this one-bedroom, practically loft apartment was not made for two people, specifically with how much clothes Alicia owned. They were convinced that there were no other options though because fresh out of college they had very little credit built. But Samuel’s friend Ben heard Samuel’s complaining, and let him know about He explained that him and his wife’s bad credit hadn’t been a problem and that they accepted no credit as well. It could get them in their home now, with time to build up better credit. Samuel and Alicia called together for a 100% risk-free consultation, and it seemed like a great fit. They decided it was time to do it right away because the sooner they paid rent the sooner they could start building better credit. paired them with a local real estate agent who showed them many homes. They realized they wanted a large home because both had come from big families and wanted many kids. They decided on a 4 bedroom home at $697 per month, which they could afford together. With a lot of thought, they decided not to lease-purchase, just in case, a big financial need came up later. So they did lease-option and used it as a time to get closer to making a mortgage in the future. To make sure they were taking advantage of all help they could get they showed the contract to a lawyer who found no issues whatsoever. In just over a month they moved into the home. Throughout the three-year lease, maintenance was kept up with, and after that, they did decide to purchase their home, which became entirely theirs.


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